Would you send money to help a friend?

I’ve read a several articles about this in the past few weeks. Someone hacks an email account and uses the account’s own contact list to ask ‘friends’ and contacts for money citing some personal tragedy or immediate need. Often these people interact with the contacts using the terminology, phrases, sign off names of their victim [...]

‘Sucker’ List discovered by Financial Services Authority

An article on the FSA’s site shows that the scamming industry is still alive and well. 38,000 UK names have been discovered on a list used by fraudsters dealing in worthless stocks and shares.

SSL certificate ssladmin social exploit weakness

ssladmin@ domain name email addresses banned from SSL approval list following an incident where a security expert was allowed to register and subsequently order an SSL certificate for several large webmail providers.

SSL certificate trust

The padlock on the website indicating SSL encryption means only that. It does not validate the identity of the website in question, nor does it protect your money. Look for the company information in Extended Validation certificates.

Forget passwords, you are the biggest threat to yourself

Would you give your personal details out over the phone? Of course not! But what if the call was from your utility or phone provider and needed to discuss your account?